When I was a kid, The Real Ghostbusters was one of my favorite shows, and firmly instituted (along with Bill Nye: The Science Guy and a few others) my love of science. Egon was, of course, my favorite. He was a snarky genius, he wore glasses, and he was, like it or not, the cutest of the four ("I think they're more interested in my epididymis.") Finally seeing the first film a few years ago really brought back all that fondness I had for the franchise.

I was gutted when Harold Ramis died a week or so ago, but like many others online, I was motivated to draw tribute fanart in response:

I went with a 1980's theme for the text. This one is from Oingo Boingo (Danny Elfman's) "Weird Science".

And this one is from Robert Palmer, of course. I always had a soft spot for Janine Melnitz's unrequited (?) crush on Egon.


Finally, three of my favorite Ghostbusters-referencing characters from other media, all dressed up as Ghostbusters themselves. From right, it's Luigi, John Egbert (from Homestuck), and the Medic from Team Fortress 2.


That's it until next time! As always, please message me if you have any questions!